I'm Mónica Fajardo a designer based in Colombia and it's a pleasure to have you around here!

I started my career as an Industrial Designer but as life would have it, I later developed and bloomed as a Learning Experience Designer.


My background in Design was a stepping stone into the world and inner workings of innovation and it's close link to creativity and collaboration.  I believe in the potential of learning and sharing the key insights that makes these three elements "click together" for it's potential to transform human interaction and behavior into high impact positive actions.


I have mentored as an Innovation Expert in open innovation iniciatives such as DataJam and Innova6k as well as facilitated hands-on learning experiences for leading companies such as Adidas, Samsung, Sura, Dafiti, among others by helping them build innovation driven organizations and foster collaboration through crafted experiences of trustworthy teamwork and mentoring leadership.


I thought we could get started in getting to know each other by introducing myself through this

set of cards.


So, go ahead and pick a card.


Sharing is caring

We build relationships by sharing. And so I would like to make the first move, by sharing something I love: cooking!

So here is a Youtube channel recommendation that combines the best of both my worlds: design and food.


To keep myself updated of the latest trends as well as design's discussions on methods, definitions, and applications, I constantly read articles from different sources, particularly Fast Company and Medium.

Just recently I'm trying out the habit of writing, inspired by my everyday work and wandering thoughts.

ENTREPeneur spirit

I had the pleasure of interviewing more than 30 entrepreneurs: a mix of different nationalities, industries and experience.  They shared with me their stories so that the world could acknowledge the bravery, innovative ideas, and resilience they needed to be succesful and stay in the game. 


Mom always said I was a musical baby and continue to be. If I'm not singing then I'm humming tunes here and there. But when I need a quieter mind, this playlist seems to do the trick. 

Listen to it and tell me what you are not thinking ;).


Think we can make some magic happen together? I would love to hear and share ideas. 

+57 315 334 6935