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Innovation is the buzzword of the century yet it feels so unattainable for many. There is no secret recipe or formula to achieve it but we can get a step closer if the process is democratized.  

A project designed with and for Pillow® and verynice.

Creativity is one the most sought after soft skill but not everyone is looking to get better at it.

It seems like a skill only attributed to those who practice artistic inclined jobs when in reality it's a skill we use from the most ordinary of tasks to the most complex.

To not recognize it as such is shutting the door to opportunity and growth.


Where do good ideas come from?


A person in average has around 6200 thoughts a day. To transform a thought into an idea requires the brain to make unlikely associations between mental representations acquired by observation and past experiences. Following that train of thought then, we can say that everyone is creative. 

But only those who actively train their creativity can grasp innovation, for like Steven Johnson once said, "innovation is like evolution" where ideas feed of time and experiences in order for the brain to make connections. 

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"I'm not a creative"

Whenever we ask in our workshops if they think they are creative, more than 90% of the participants believe they are not

F U N  F A C T

Myth or Truth: One is that creativity cannot be taught. 

False: It's a human capacity and as such it can be cultivated and refined.

Know more here.

What business idea comes to mind?

To better explain how creativity works and how it fuels innovation we ask you to connect the following :

Tip: Don't only think about each item as a whole, think about it's smaller parts to build your ideas

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In collaboration with Verynice       we designed the Pillow toolkit that includes five activities that will guide you through the process of framing a problem, generating ideas, and sharing your ideas for feedback.


For diversity

Your age, profession or cultural background adds perspective to the process.

Step by step guide

Just follow the instructions and let your creativity run wild.


A stepping cloud

At first, it will give you support that you can rely on while you learn the basics. Then it's up to you to take it to the next level. 

We see opportunities

Each worksheet is designed to enhance the learning experience of the design process for non-designers.


Learn the basics

So feel free to improvise in the parts to make your own process but you can always look back to get things forward.

Let's break the myth

We believe anyone can make innovation happen. You just need the right mindset and guidance.

Ready to download

We wanted to share our know how to encourage anyone to get going with their ideas and spread them to the rest of the world.

Download here.

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