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Great lessons for the workplace can be learned in the kitchen. The goal of this workshop is to build the right "chain of ingredients" to cook a tray of brownies by experiencing the true ways of being a leader and being led by one. 

A project designed with and for Pillow®

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Easier said than done

The thing is, day to day work and individual responsabilities sometimes disguise the big elephant in the room.

The first step towards change is admitting there is a problem and that it needs to be identified and addressed. 

One of the best way to admitting a problem without getting hard feelings is PLAY. 

When it comes to achieving goals and keeping up with growth within organizations,

talent and knowledge isn't enough.

Today's organizations must foster strong leadership and encourage collaboration through trust, purpose, empowerment, and communication.


As children, we had no problem blurting out this phrase out to anyone.

Now we tend to associate play with unprofessional.


When learning is fun, employees are more inclined to remember what they learned and use it.

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How would you rate your team?

To evaluate a team's strengths and weaknesses, it usually comes down to

four main attributes:

trust, purpose, empowerement, and communication.

I don't fully trust my team 

I trust my team completely


My team doesn't know or have a purpose for their work

Only the boss makes or has a say on the decision

Information is often lost or kept in

My team is purpose-driven




Everyone is empowered to have an opinion or make decision

All members of the team are updated about work and each other



A tasty, playful, and safe approach to identifying a team's strengths and weaknesses as well as the leadership voice within the organization.

The process is 

broken down

Easy to grasp and broken down elements like ingredients and steps

Strategy is 

planned ahead

Good planning and strong strategy secures a delicious result.

It's okay to make mistakes

Not everyone is expected to be an expert cook.

Leaders are evidenced

The voices of true leadership will be heard.


Have fun while learning

Giving feedback, getting to know roles, and rising leadership  are eagerly welcomed during play.

'Aha' moments

Acknowledge what surfaces in the moment and that includes the great, the good and the ugly.

Rearrange and try

Experiencing your team work in other contexts is also an opportunity to rearrange responsabilities, rethink communication and define your team's purpose.

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